• I miss my notebook computer

    Long story short. MacBook Pro needed a reinstall of Snow Leopard and since it hasn’t been my week for technology it hit a few bumps, ran over a digital deer and fell into a crater. The availability of the Lion (OS X 10.7) really makes me want to run that on my notebook, but that is really asking for trouble since it’s months away from release.

    The testing I’ve done so far with Lion has revealed a couple of necessary apps I use everyday are not functional yet. Which makes me sad as I’m such a upgrade junkie when it comes to updates and especially major versions. I wish Apple would make some improvements to freshen up Finder. Maybe 10.8 will be “We’ve done it again. This time Finder has been upgraded to stupid awesome.”

    Update 3/24/2011: MacBook Pro has been revived with a new hard drive and a migration from my old drive.