• So much data

    I’ve got a pretty good collection of photos I’ve collected and am noticing it’ll take a bit of time to go through them. Went through my music collection a while ago, but It’s amazing what we manage to collect.

  • Onlive MicroConsole

    I got my OnLive MicroConsole setup today and it’s pretty neat. There are a few reviews online and I’ve posted links for a few at the end of this post for those curious about what people are thinking of it.
    It gets me to thinking about how many services I can get by just paying a monthly fee. Let’s think about this.

    Music: Napster, Zune
    Movies: Netflix
    TV Shows: Hulu Plus
    Games: OnLive

    Music: Napster, iTunes, Zune, Amazon
    Movies: CinemaNow, Vudu, iTunes, Amazon, Blockbuster
    Games: Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Store

    Subscription services that give you full access to their entire streamable / downloadable items tends to be limited in the number of titles. It’s great to get access to so much content with the ability to try something and if you don’t like it move onto the next. I’m not stuck with a $20 movie that I’ll never finish watching. I can listen to and find new music without having to commit based on the cover art or a couple of 30 seconds clips.

    I guess the whole thing reminds me of sci-fi shows where there really are not any stores. Everyone just kinda has stuff they need. I don’t recall any of them subscribing and paying a monthly fee. Maybe subscriptions will be the next bubble to burst as people just end up with too many of them to support.