• Trapped in the Apple System

    Part of me really dislikes the idea of the Apple EcoSystem and what it means to the freedom of my content. *cough* DRM *cough* My music has freedom to roam, but TV Shows and Movies are trapped in there once purchased from Apple. They can roam around Apple products with my account and it’s a good user experience, but they are barred from playing on anything else.

    I can go through the trouble of converting my purchased DVDs to a friendly format, but if it’s a Blu-Ray disc the poor HD content is trapped on the disc (Stupid DRM!).

    I think about the other options I have, but don’t want to mess with them. I have devices that play well together and I don’t have to worry about an awkward experience that requires a lot of work. So I will continue gathering my media into iTunes and streaming it to an Apple TV and watching on my iPhone.

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