• Touch tablet and services

    I hope this isn’t too scattered a post for you to follow.

    I am putting myself in the Apple iPad will be a great device that has the great possibility to move us closer to where I’d like to see technology. It’s like the future has arrived and just needs the correct apps. (I haven’t forgotten that Android will be running on tablets and am very excited to see them get released.)

    Tablets allow comfortable consumption of the Internet. Apples iPad is a great example of the future thinking at apple. They pulled the floppy before anyone else and added USB early as well. Now they bank on an Internet with HTML 5 feeding content instead of proprietary flash. The Internet is already beginning to shift and it’s only a matter of time before major sites handle mobile and tablet touch content with ease. More or all websites formatted to fit on tablets as well as computers would be a great boon to access for everyone as a tablet could be more affordable. Just think of freely available wi-fi in the cities and a sub $500 device to access the Internet.

    I welcome the change from our clunky mouse and keyboard to touchscreen being adopted. The android has speach search and text entry along with Google Googles for photo search. These technologies are still in their infancy but are improving every day. Add Google voice and it’s ability to convert voice mails to text and we are beginning to see the future.

    Microsoft seems to be falling behind as they try to keep their products tied to the past for ease of use as people don’t need to relearn. Apple gives us sexy and a cool trick to entice us to give up time to learn a new way of interacting with our devices. Bringing us closer to a natural great experience.

    I hope patents don’t end up killing or slowing down great devices and interfaces in the future. It’s nice to get used to a method of interacting with a tablet device and have other ones that are able to respond in a similar way. Just think if a steering wheel was patented and all other manufacturers had to use other ways to operate a vehicle?

    Accessories make a device

    Apple has created a familiar platform and consistency which is great if you like what they offer. There are also a huge selection of accessories that can be used on the iPhone OS and the connection is the same making one accessory usable by all iPhone phones and iPod touches. Just look at how many clock, speaker units are available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Sure there’s a lot of crap out there, but there is a good selection and the good stuff sticks around while the crud goes away. That same selection of options just isn’t there for the Android (yet? I hope.) devices and I the number of different devices running different version just isn’t going to help the situation.

    While I enjoy the Android operating systems (especially the newest 2.1) and it’s open and available platform. Apple has given a unified platform that companies can create accessories for the whole Apple market. While they need to create multiple accessories for the scattered Android market and it’s many devices and versions (1.5, 1.6, 2.0 & 2.1). While I love the openness of Android the simplicity and availability of accessories for iPhone and iPod touch show what can happen with a common, dare I say “standard” device.

    I’m curious to see if Android evolves into a few very similar devices so we can get some clocks, speakers and whatnot to plug the device into. Perhaps they will take huge advantage of a bluetooth interface so the connector isn’t as important. Just have a docking station nearby to provide power and you can stream your data, music or whatever to a set of speakers, clock, computer or other device.

    I guess I’m just hoping to have a great mobile device and some killer accessories to do all that I’d like to.

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