• Three Books a Month

    I have a goal of reading three books a month. I plan on mixing up “learn something books” with “fun books”. The result I hope for is catching up on all my reading material I have lying about the house. It began with a realization that I don’t have enough hours to read my then stack of “want to read” and after some pruning it has turned into a reasonable pile of books. That combined with project “don’t add any more books” has left me with a goal I can accomplish. Read all my Books.

    I am ten days into November and I just finished Let the right one in by John Ajvide Lindqvist that I started reading in October. I have already started on the first two books in my November list and feel good about being able to complete my goal of reading them in the next twenty days. I had originally planned to read Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, but pushed it to next month.

    November Book Reading List:

    1. Ready Player One – I keep hearing about how great this book is.
    2. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Also reading the comic, so kinda reading it twice this month. That will make three times I’ve read it.
    3. Dungeons and Dragons: Rules Compendium – To refresh myself on the rules for the Saturday games.

    I have a few rules when reading books these days.

    Stop reading a bad book.

    In the past I have had books that sit and mock me for longer than should be allowed. They were recommended by someone or it’s a book I really should read. Not anymore. If it’s a terrible read or just not my thing I cut it quick and replace it with something more to my liking. There are exceptions when it comes to required reading for work or a project, but not many fall under the exception category.

    Read the ebook version if it makes sense.
    I’m trying to reduce the number of books that I need to deal with in my life. I like to think of it is “I have to move again someday” insurance. Just purchasing ebooks doesn’t work as not every book is available. There are also a few books that scream to have notes jotted in them and I prefer to do this with a pencil. An example of the latter is Unstuff your life by Andrew J. Mellen. Third reason is my eyes like a break from LCD screens sometimes.
    So grab a book and unplug from the daily race. It is worth the time.

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