• Apple’s iPad Tablet

    I’ve finally been able to play around with one for more than a minute and really like what I’m seeing. I’ve loaded some comic book applications, created a VPN connection to a remote network and used RDP to access a server there. Not the quickest, but a lot of fun to do. The native iPad apps are really the ones that are the most fun to use.

    I’ve wanted to use a good touch screen interface for a computer for a long time and even tried my hand at previous versions of Linux and Windows and finally someone has created a nice toy to fill that void.

    Now if Google can get some great Android run tablets out so we have something to compare this thing against.

  • iPhone OS 4.0

    I’m pretty amazed at the changes they announced for the next iPhone OS release. I am especially excited about multitasking, folders to organize my apps, mail being able to use multiple exchange accounts and better encrypt data and iBooks which didn’t make sense to me it wasn’t on the iPhone. I’m a little sad that a 3GS is needed to fully take advantage of the new features and that a new phone hasn’t been announced yet. Everyone guesses June, July or December 12, 2010. My iPhone 3G really could use an update.

    I like that the iPhone is not standing still while Android is improving their phone operating system. I love choices and it’s even better that we have two great systems to choose from. I still think Android and their voice to text is amazing and worth the price of admission.

    I enjoyed the HTML 5 comment during the iAd demonstration. I hope the HTML 5 standard really takes off. Flash just isn’t built for mobile devices and tablets. It’s also time for more voice interaction and great touch interfaces. (Even YouTube is experimenting with it http://www.youtube.com/html5.)





  • Android 1.6 first experiences

    Two days using an android phone and I’ve experienced a dead battery and a pretty responsive phone. I am used to the iPhone interface and most of the first hours of use is just getting used to the differences between these two phones. It’s always fun to kill a battery due to the increased use of a new device.

    Purchasing applications is much the same the iPhone’s app store except this is tied to my Google account. One more step to owning everything about me I suppose. I very much enjoy the integration of gmail, maps, chat and other Google services. Google docs would be an awesome addition.

    I’ve downloaded a couple games and a Google map update. I haven’t setup all the services I currently use on my iPhone regularly and am very curious about an apples to androids comparison.

    Email lets me set labels and archive email while I check in on the phone which is really nice. I have the Google application on my iPhone, but it’s nice to just have it in the default email application.

    I’ll be testing out some phones with Android 2.1 in the next Month or so and will update my thoughts at that time.