• Streaming Home PC to iPhone

    Are users moving back toward terminal-type ‘dumb’ devices that pull most of their content and applications from a server on the Internet? Are we moving all the processing and power needed to run applications, play games and handle intense computing to somewhere else? Having inexpensive ‘dumb’ devices that will reach a wider audience who keep their whole life synced between any device with a login. Data backup will be handled by someone else, software updates will happen without us needing to do anything and storage will become a lot less important.

    Let’s start with the description of this application.

    OrbLive is a breakthrough application that provides a new way to enjoy your media on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

    The traditional iPod approach is to download and store (sync) a limited part of your media collection to your iPod so that you can carry it around in your pocket for playback while you are mobile.

    OrbLive changes the paradigm transforming the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a far more powerful media player by utilizing their intrinsic networking capabilities. Instead of being limited to what is stored on the device, OrbLive allows you to stream all your media experiences from your home PC to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad whenever you are network connected. Don’t carry it with you. Connect.

    The new capabilities and advantages of OrbLive:

    – Play all your live media – live TV*, Internet TV, radio and webcams.

    – Unlimited music, video and photo playback. You are not limited by the storage on the device. You have the virtually unlimited storage of your home network and Internet based services. A “Terabyte” iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is a reality today.

    – No sync required. You don’t have to think about what media you might want to enjoy before you leave the house. With OrbLive, all of it is always with you.

    – No more format hassles. You don’t have to figure out how to transform all of your media into just the right iPhone/iPod touch/iPad format. OrbLive automatically makes sure that any of your media will play. Any type: music, video, photo and even documents. Virtually any format.

    How do you start? All you need is OrbLive on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and the free OrbLive application on Windows or Mac Intel PC** where you have your media. If your media plays on your home PC, it will play in OrbLive on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

    * You need an Orb compatible TV tuner in your PC.

    ** Coming soon for Linux computers.


    The free edition lets you play three random items from your source computer and give a good idea of how it’ll work for you and if you want to spend $9.99 for the full version. Once an application is installed on your iPhone, computer (Windows or OS X) and you have a free account at http://mycast.orb.com you have the power to stream your home media over the Internet to your phone.

    The idea of accessing home content from a remote device isn’t new. I currently access a number of documents stored on DropBox via computer and iPhone, but I’m limited to 2GB unless I pay for their premium account which increases my storage limit up to 100GB for $20 a month. That’s $240 a year which can purchase a pretty good sized hard drive for a computer at home. Include that most people still seem very, very nervous about storing data online and we have our middle step which is keep the data at home and access it remotely.

    Science fiction shows like to show us portable data access devices that get their data from the “computer” and don’t seem to deal much with storage except discs, cubes or sticks to store data. Now we are finally getting to a point in technology where it’s getting closer and can be experienced by those who don’t mind setting up some software and taking that first couple steps into the future.

    In case you didn’t know…we are living in the future now. Right Here and Right Now. Enjoy it.

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