• Sprint 4G EVO Connection

    The idea of using a Spring 4G connection as a main Internet connection in a home has come up in conversation so I thought I’d give it a try this weekend. It took a couple of hours as the Sprint EVO hotspot connection was having problems with the Linksys router, but I’ll get to that.

    Hardware: Sprint HTC EVO, Linksys WET610N Wireless Bridge, Linksys E3000 Wireless Router, Xbox 360, LG BD390 Blu-ray disc player.

    The Sprint HTC EVO is sharing it’s 4G Internet connection to the Wireless Bridge that is plugged into the Internet port on the Linksys e3000 that is the main router for my home network. I had to fight a strange problem where the router would only get a from the EVO and I finally determined that the IP’s used by the EVO needed to be changed.

    1. Settings, Wireless & networks, Sprint Hotspot settings
    2. Press the “menu” button and select Advanced then LAN settings.
    3. Change the IP address to (It will give an error, don’t worry the next step will fix it.)
    4. Change the Starting IP to

    I’ve noticed the EVO HTC will hand out all kinds of crazy IPs instead of sticking to .10, .11 it will hand out IPs that end in .178 which wasn’t expected by me. Once I changed it to a very different IP range it started working through the bridge with my wireless router.

    Speedtest.net is giving results of 4.6 MB/s down and .92 MB/s up which is pretty awesome for a mobile phone connection. I’ll be doing some actually usage this weekend to see what is working well and what isn’t over this connection.

    Actual Usage Results

    So far I’ve been able to stream from CinemaNow although it did pause to adjust due to a slowdown a couple times and the quality wasn’t the highest. Netflix is also working pretty well and didn’t notice as much of a pause, but it may have to do with me watching an Anime show which probably compresses a lot better.

    Impressed so far. It’s amazing what we can do with technology today.

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