• RPG Book Bindings

    Following is a gripe with the popular binding that ends up on so many game books. For some reason I’m especially thinking of Wizards of the Coast and the 4th edition D&D books.

    I grew up playing Rifts and love how durable their books are. They’ve been dropped, stepped on my dogs with muddy paws, and thumbed through a lot and the pages just don’t fall out. I had some other RPG books that wouldn’t last as long and I had noticed a long time ago that the binding had something to do with it. Some have that nice little “loop” while others are just “cut” pages with some glue on the end.

    Savage Worlds (left) vs Earthdawn (right) book binding

    The book on the left is a Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition book and the one on the right is the Earthdawn Game Master’s Guide using the Savage Worlds rules. A more perfect world would have better and sexier book quality all around.


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