• iPhone No-SIM Error fixed

    I found a solution to my phone just randomly deciding it doesn’t need a cell connection. WooServers had a good article about putting some tape over the end of the SIM card. Problem Solved.
    I’ve added this to a piece of a sticky note crammed under the wake/sleep button as things I’ve had to do with my iPhone 4 to keep it running. Not really in the mood to spend money on an upgraded talking phone.

  • Netflix Watching

    Reel Injun and American Mystic are both good to watch.

  • Update on Coffee Shop Mondays

    Goals are interesting things.

    Accomplishing them is awesome. Even making a little progress or a small win is great.

    Not doing what you have set your sights on is disheartening. Some small wins that are part of a much larger goal can get lost in the daily grind of just getting stuff done and keeping afloat.

    Weekly on a Monday I spend a few hours in a Coffee shop to think about where I’m at and where I’m going. There is no set structure to what I do, just me and a something to gather my thoughts. I tend to use my laptop and a notebook I write in to keep track of it all. Reminders, to-dos and sometimes just writing happens as I wrap my brain around where I am right now and how I’ve done over the last week to get where I’d like to be.

    Progress is slow, but is getting better. Old unwanted habits are difficult to break. Figuring out exactly what I’m wanting to do and why elude me at times and shine with clarity others.

    Today I’m working on a few projects that have been going for a while, but are really starting to feel like they are on the slide down to the end. It’s feels pretty good, but there is still a few weeks till they finish up.

    Waiting can be pretty difficult at times.

  • Photos in a Computer

    Wow. Lots of photos locked away on my computer. I need to find some time soon to get them a ticket into the real world. There are also a lot of junk photos on there. A symptom of having a mobile device that lets you take photos of anything you need to remember or share with a friend.

  • Coffee Shop Time

    I’ve been spending time each week in a coffee shop drinking mostly tea and snacking on things that taste good, but don’t help my fitness goals. New goal is avoid the sweet snacks. Mostly…

    I have a notebook, some 3×5 notecards and I gather together what I’m looking to do during the week and beyond. It is my weekly spotlight on the progress for the projects and tasks in my life. A good way to see how things are going. A drink, listening to some music and capturing ideas. I have spent some time learning how to properly use some of the software I’ve got installed and ready to improve my life. This time to learn the details and features has helped out a lot.

    I went for a run this morning and now it’s time to get to my notebook of ideas and projects.

  • Mental Cost of Ownership

    The other day i chatted about reading three books a month and touched on the subject of how I decided to prune my book collection. Today I’m going to elaborate a little and put this down for everyone. This isn’t a new subject, but is a good way of thinking of stuff.

    I like books a lot. I like getting them, flipping through them and more often than not actually reading them. Each book is something I’d like to learn more about or just enjoy reading. The problem that has snagged me in the past is getting too many books in the queue. It doesn’t take much for me to fill a bookshelf with all the things I’d love to learn. It’s easy to forget how long it’ll take to actually get through the pile of books. Somewhere a goal is set using guidelines of how much time I used to have vs. how much time I actually have today. It’s amazing how little I have these days. Always eaten up by work, projects and just living.

    So I used the mental math of “how long will it take me to get through these books?” and “Is this something I want/need to read?” to figure out which to get rid of. It’s amazing how quickly this reduced my bookshelf to not overly full. Add in the thoughts of does this still pertain to my life and I managed to clear out quite a bit. There were some titles that were old dreams and goals that just don’t fit into my life anymore. It’s amazing how long these stay attached when they should have been dropped a long time ago. Yes it would be nice to learn to play those songs on guitar, but I just don’t have time anymore. Probably don’t need those learn the guitar books either.

    At times I have had a smaller bookshelf to contain the books I’ll be reading in the near future along with some notebooks and 3-Ring binders filled with commonly used information. This tended to help me keep from spending 12 minutes picking a book to only have 3 minutes to actually read it. Now I can quickly see what I had previously chosen as important. I most likely had some witty name like “Current Shelf” or “Stuff I’m working on”, but don’t recall. It’s now just known as the short bookshelf.

    I have since cleared out enough books that there is a small collection of what I’ve already read and a separate section for books I have yet to read and a small space for my currently reading pile.

    Having cleared out a bunch of stuff that was related to old dreams has helped a lot. It gives me real time now to concentrate on the present and what I’m looking to read and experience now.

    I guess it all comes down to having some organization and keeping some focus on what is current and what deserves to stay in the past. Which reminds me. I need to give my book collection another pass as I’m going through the place.

  • I Read Three Books in November

    Finished 100 Thing Challenge last night as my third book. Interesting read about downsizing to 100 things and living life while not consuming as the typical American consumer does. Now I just need to figure out what I’ll read next for December.

  • Black Friday 2011

    Today is the day. Either you are shopping like mad or avoiding stores and consumerism like a plague. I’ve decided to treat it like a Friday where I’m not at work and making it a great opportunity to catch up on reading, plotting my own success and organizing my apartment, thoughts and other such stuff.

    I’m hoping everyone is having a good holiday weekend no matter what you chose to do with it.

  • Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep

    Finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and I have 10 days to complete my third book this month to reach my goal. So far so good. I have been distracted by the 100 Things Challenge book and perhaps that will be my third book this month.

  • Ready Player One

    Finished one of the books on my November reading list. It’s a great nostalgic book for those of us who grew up during the 80’s. There is a good amount of cool technology in the novel as well. I highly recommend it to those geeks out there who love the 80’s they grew up during, gaming, music, movies and pop culture.