• New Apartment

    Moving. The horrible process of getting all the crap you’ve collected from one place to another. This happened for me this weekend and involved help from friends, a fall down the stairs leaving me with a splint on my right hand and a sore back and a new place closer to work to call home.

    I had spent a number of hours pruning through all the stuff I call mine and shed a bunch before the move. It’s been hard in a lot of ways, but has really made the move and setting up the new place quicker, easier and better. Some books I’ve had for years that I’ve always meant to read and learn something from, but I’ve moved beyond. Some movies and CDs that I just won’t watch any more even if I think I just might one of these days. It’s always the “I may need that someday” that really keeps stuff around.

    New places always have a feeling of a new start and it’s time to keep the ball rolling.

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