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    I watched the awesome Green Lantern movie on Saturday and want to see it again, but have been busy reading me some Green Lantern comics. I think it’s the vastness of the setting which is the entire universe with space travel, the green ring which allows for such a variety of awesome powers and a good overall themes of will vs. fear. All the other superheros just run around cities and defeat a few bad guys. Green Lanterns seem to be all saving the universe, planets or other super-great feats.

    Photo of Trade Paperbacks of Green Lantern: Rebirth and Green Lantern: No Fear

    Photo of Trade Paperbacks of Green Lantern: Rebirth and Green Lantern: No Fear

    A little research lead me to discover that Green Lantern had a “reboot” of sorts in 2005 and the trade paperback Green Lantern: Rebirth is the start of that. Which lead to “Sweet, I have somewhere to start.” and the purchase of the first two trades and finally some Green Lantern to read.
    I’m about a quarter of the way into rebirth and am really enjoying it so far. A lot is happening pretty quickly which is a change from the slower pace of some Vertigo titles I’m used to reading. I guess superhero comics need to run at a faster pace since there are so many bad guys to defeat.

    This all leads me to a comic book industry that really fails in helping new readers know what they should be reading when something catches our eye. The Green Lantern has been around since July 1940. That is a lot to read if you start from the beginning (which nobody ever does, except that one guy, but he’s a bit strange) and it’s hard to know where to start. Especially when so many of comics branch off from their main series. A lot of comics don’t list where it is at in the story. Is this issue 2 of 5, a one-shot issue perfect for someone new to the franchise or a good spot to jump onto a new series. Most just have the issue number (68) and the fear that now I need to catch up on 67 issues to enjoy this interesting looking comic. I’ve since learned how to navigate most of this, but I cannot do so easily while standing in front of the comics in my local comic shop. I need to research this stuff on the web or chat with my local comic shop guys (who are very helpful most of the time).

    My ask would be to have a little help with knowing what to get. The Green Lantern trades are nice, but there are no freaking numbers to know where to start. Perhaps “Green Lantern: Rebirth (1)”, “Green Lantern: No Fear (2)” would be a great start. I’m thinking how Manga always have numbers on their series so I have an idea of what to buy.

    OK. My rant is done. Back to reading me some comics.

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