• Cost = Price + Time

    When we purchase some items they end up costing us more than the purchase price. There is a cost we haven’t yet paid in the time to use it.

    An example is a game that will cost $35 – $60 and probably consume somewhere between 20 and 80 hours. More if it’s some sort of MMORPG that slowly consumes your life. A younger version of me had a lot more time to spend on the things I purchased and didn’t always have the money to purchase them. Now that I’m older I have more money, but not as much time.

    I look at the books on my bookshelf and there is a lot of time if I were to go and read everything I meant to read and haven’t. A couple of games I still haven’t finished. All unfinished business begging for future and present time. Which will get some time and which won’t. What will I let go of and reduce my time debt I’ve accrued.

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    • Dez

      I think the opposite is true. I am more willing to spend 35 to 60 dollars on something that will garner more time being useful than on something that is more limited. My fiance and I discussed how much money we saved renting a movie via amazon or having netflix as opposed to going out to a movie.

      While we appreciate the time that we spent together in both situations we would both rather spend time watching the movie at home with a meal we prepared ourselves. Even figuring in the cost of the Roku box that we use we ended up saving about $50 / month and saw more movies.

      The opposite ended up being true with cable. We didn’t get value out of the choices made to us so we dropped to basic.

      I’m a gamer, so in keeping with your topic I would much rather spend $60 on a co-play game (call of duty) than on a one off like assassins creed.

      I usually take into account how much time I actually spend using my purchases. With my WoW account I spend $14.99 a month. Even if I only play 3 hours in a month that’s $5/hour which is cheaper than a lot of other activites that you can do alone. Factor in activities that my fiance and I do together (like going to a movie) and you’ll see the savings. $20 per movie roughly translates to $10/hour where a $15/month Netflix subscription can easily be split down to pennies based on time used between DVD and instant rentals.

    • I guess I’ve accumulated too much stuff to do and don’t have enough time to do it all. Books, some television series on DVD, games that’ll take a long time to finish and whatever will normally fill my day. I am then reminded that anything else I get will just exasperate the lack of time and all the cool stuff I want to do.

      Guess I have some privatization of what shows I want to watch and how I need to wait before adding the next season to my iTunes account. 🙂

      I really agree with getting a great value and find a lot of friends have noticed the $15/month for WoW is a pretty sweet deal in cost per hour. I’ve also noticed good ideas and projects they were talking about doing not get started or done as they already used up all their time playing a killer game instead of working on some little project.

      I also don’t have cable and love choosing what I want to watch instead of catching what is being thrown at me.

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