• So much to do

    “Just do it.” is what Nike says. A very important idea that applies to accomplishing so much in life. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without someone sitting up and starting. We can also say that about failing, but let’s forget that part since it’s easy to fail by never trying.

    The next part is where we can stumble, judge ourselves failures and move onto the sidelines. Setting goals, reaching them, giving 110% and all the rest of that shit that makes us feel like we haven’t succeeded. The beginning can feel like giving it our best and reaching what feels like 23% and leaving us gasping on a bench while someone twice our age passes us for the second time.

    You know what? We fucking rock! Just for showing up. We didn’t get any medals and we have a long damn way to go before someone envies our display, but it has to start somewhere. So I’ve been showing up for the last couple of weeks and I’m finally starting to feel like I’ve reached the beginning. Yes. It took me three weeks to have the endurance and energy for a run/bicycle ride that I felt I would have the first time. So if it takes you three weeks at step -1 to get any improvement you are doing it right. Rock, rock on, brother!

    So pick something in your life you’ve been wanting to improve and pay attention to it. Do it. Even if it’s only a little every other day and keep at it. It’s amazing what can be done a little at a time. I found picking one thing to really get focus and make some progress on during the month helpful.

  • Update on Coffee Shop Mondays

    Goals are interesting things.

    Accomplishing them is awesome. Even making a little progress or a small win is great.

    Not doing what you have set your sights on is disheartening. Some small wins that are part of a much larger goal can get lost in the daily grind of just getting stuff done and keeping afloat.

    Weekly on a Monday I spend a few hours in a Coffee shop to think about where I’m at and where I’m going. There is no set structure to what I do, just me and a something to gather my thoughts. I tend to use my laptop and a notebook I write in to keep track of it all. Reminders, to-dos and sometimes just writing happens as I wrap my brain around where I am right now and how I’ve done over the last week to get where I’d like to be.

    Progress is slow, but is getting better. Old unwanted habits are difficult to break. Figuring out exactly what I’m wanting to do and why elude me at times and shine with clarity others.

    Today I’m working on a few projects that have been going for a while, but are really starting to feel like they are on the slide down to the end. It’s feels pretty good, but there is still a few weeks till they finish up.

    Waiting can be pretty difficult at times.