• Carry less and have more

    A device needs to fit your life and it’s hard to really know without doing a lot of research and getting some time to try a device out. There is a huge difference between seeing something and really being able to test it with your own data and accounts. See what it’s like to read some books, listen to some music, watch a movie or TV show, make a call, deal with some emails and handle online social media sites.

    I am reminded of how much I loved when I got my iPhone as it consolidated my devices into one. One device that can do so much. It doesn’t do everything great, but it does it and a lot of times easily and without much or any hassle.

    I am an iPhone owner and enjoy it for many reasons. Syncing with iTunes for music and episodes of TV shows I have purchased is great. I have a good amount of pictures and can bring one up and show someone at a moments notice. Digital comics and books are great to kill some time and I have them with me all the time. Email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and WordPress are nice to access on the go as well.

    So as I’m trying out an Android 1.6 phone to get some actual time using it day to day I’m finding out more about my daily mobile device usage. Which brings me around to what I consume while on my phone (movies, ebooks, comics, twitter, facebook, flickr, email from three accounts and calls).

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