• Mountain Lion – 10.8

    Kudos to John Siracusa for the amazing OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion review on Ars Technica. I have found a lot of information has come up when someone mentions “I haven’t loaded Mountain Lion yet, but what do you think?”

    Geoffrey Goetz has a good article on gigaom on the mess of How many Apple IDs your family should have? lt will give you some insight into what accounts are doing what on your Apple devices. If you have had to deal with multiple accounts or many devices with a single account you may have experienced some pain when you run into an Apple “limit”.

    I have a good handle on the finer details of Apple products, accounts and services, being the resident expert in our group, but it’s getting to be more to keep track of as Apple expands it’s Walled Garden web to encompass so much more of our world. It’s a great system if you don’t mind the locked down hardware, limits on what developers can do with software (and it’s getting worse). For the most part all the stuff I buy in iTunes and the App store get littered across all my devices so I can watch/read/listen to it when it’s most convient, which is awesome. The part that sucks is when I’m looking to “see other technology” and the especially┬ájealous Apple and Content Providers say no.

    [Awesome photo of a Spider with an Apple logo on it spinning a larger web and capturing customer in it goes here.] <== Wish I knew to draw awesome pics!

  • Photos and backups

    It’s amazing the mess I have made of my digital photo collection over the years. They are copied over here and backed up over there. Duplicate copies exist in a number of places and it’s high time I clean it up. I got a good start by pruning 6,137 photos out of my iPhoto library. I still have 13,710 left and a number will be removed since I don’t care to look back on 1/2 of the stuff that’s in there.

    I’ve decided to drop $10 on PhotoSweeper and expect great things from the app. Especially since I’m not sure how I got triple photos in my library of some photos.

    Wish me luck as I go from multiple drives, CD’s, DVD’s to my photos being able to be stored on a couple of RAID drives.