• Tablet of Enlightenment

    Star Trek and pretty much every sci-fi show and game depicts those handheld computers as learning tools, voice memoirs and portable physicians. I look at the iPad I use so much and see a lot of games. I think a lot of people have a lot of games. I love games, but I feel this is somehow backwards. It should be filled with the worlds knowledge. Everything within moments of being brought forth. Why are the better apps all games.

    Back to reading an ebook.

  • Android vs iOS

    I enjoy having options, but also really enjoy when technology just works. Apple has the “just works” approach down even if it limits choices and options. If you like the way Apple handles technology and you don’t mind how they block apps, Adobe Flash and much in the way of customization they are great.

    “Thank you Sir. May I have another.”

    I’ve written up papers on a variety of tablet computers including the Motorola XOOM and Android 3.x being the main topic. I mainly use an iPad for my daily tablet tapping experiences and usage. Android 3.x has combined Apps, Books and Video rentals into the Market. It’s then I realized I really like the one stop shot to get everything done.

    What I’d like to have is an option to combine different options into one marketplace. Imagine if we could choose our video rental service among the options and have them show up. I’d love to be able to say “Napster for music”, “Whoever has HD non-drm movies, tv’s etc” (especially since they are not always available on all the services), “Nook for ebooks” (but search others if not available and let me know it’s available there or cheaper) and the app store for the device Market or iOS App Store.

    I know I can get the different apps, but it’s a pain in the ass to swap between different apps and find what I’m looking for. Isn’t this kinda what Google TV is trying to do. Isn’t this why everyone keeps blocking them. The content holders and makers of all they money are deathly terrified of losing their grip and giving us true options and letting the best technology win. It may not be them.

    As an example Netflix is awesome on the Xbox 360, but other devices have a slightly crappier version. Browsing seasons of TV shows is just not as good and the damn thing needs an Xbox Gold account which is a subscription on top of the subscription on top of the Internet subscription, on top of the Power bill on top of Rent to get access to the damn thing.

    Just give us our digital media without the controlling grip of fear you have on your content.


  • Trapped in the Apple System

    Part of me really dislikes the idea of the Apple EcoSystem and what it means to the freedom of my content. *cough* DRM *cough* My music has freedom to roam, but TV Shows and Movies are trapped in there once purchased from Apple. They can roam around Apple products with my account and it’s a good user experience, but they are barred from playing on anything else.

    I can go through the trouble of converting my purchased DVDs to a friendly format, but if it’s a Blu-Ray disc the poor HD content is trapped on the disc (Stupid DRM!).

    I think about the other options I have, but don’t want to mess with them. I have devices that play well together and I don’t have to worry about an awkward experience that requires a lot of work. So I will continue gathering my media into iTunes and streaming it to an Apple TV and watching on my iPhone.

  • Digital Fall Clean

    Just sitting here cleaning up my music collection in iTunes. Importing some CD’s that between OS upgrades and hard drive crashes are no longer in my stuff I can listen to list. I’m really enjoying the “When you insert a CD: Import CD and Eject” which is followed by a nice little audible sound to remind me to swap the CD.

    I wonder if everyone else has the same problem of not having all their music available to them when they are a notebook or desktop computer. Maybe it’s a silent problem of digital confusion, lost files and wondering where that song has gone to.

    This is the beginning of once and for all clearing up my digital music collection. Wish me luck!